Adapted cottages in Bariloche
Handicapped Accessible Cottages

Five hundred meters over Nahuel Huapi Lake, on the hillside of the Otto mountain, and 7 km away from the city of Bariloche, Patagonia Sin Fronteras has built three cottages, exclusively designed for the comfort and security of our guests with any motor disability, their families and friends. The architecture is integrated with the natural environment, built with cipres wood and stone from the mountain. They attract for their strategic emplacement, silent atmosphere, spacious size and their simplicity.

All our cottages, Explorers and Colonists are handicapped accessible!

The building – Accesible Facilities

The cottages are built on two levels. On the ground floor you will find all the main facilities you need( 1 or 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living-room). There are no steps on this level. There is another bedroom on the first floor for accompanying people.

The structure of the cottages is supported by thick trunks of Cipres trees which, combined with the unique design of wooden windows, doors and furniture, turns the cottage into a handmade art-craft construction, like those pictured in Fairy Tales.

The cottages are equipped with a caldron which ensures unlimited provision of hot water, and with a radiant floor system or radiators which guarantee both even temperature in every room and safety for our guests.
All light switches are low enough to be easily reached from a wheel-chair height. Every room contemplates room enough to allow wheel-chair turns and specific movements.

Windows are lower and wider than regular ones, the counters of kitchen and bathroom have free space below them (no cupboard) to allow wheel-chair bound guests free mobility within the entire cottage. Closets and cupboards have no doors and low shelves to enable our guests to easily reach their belongings.

The bedrooms have large windows from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the forest. They are 70 cm (20 inches) from the floor to get a better view from the bed or from a wheel-chair. The doors are 80 cm (31 inches) wide. There is room enough to fit two wheel-chairs and two beds per bedroom.
The floor is covered by a smooth rug.

The bathroom is very comfortable ( 2x3m / 6.5x9.8 ft)), spacious enough for a wheel-chair to move without inconvenience, even next to the WC. The taps are mono-commanded, therefore they are easy to operate. The toilet has a Bidematic system and there is enough room to place a chair next to it.
There is a hydro massage bath-tub. It has got a height-regulator-shower and a beautiful window to see the forest while having a bath (only in the Colonists cottage. There are normal bath-tubs in the Explorers cottages. There is also another shower outside the bath tub, with a wooden bathing bench. The bathroom door is 80cm (31 inches) wide and it opens both ways. There are low shelves for towels.

Everything in the kitchen (microwave, air-purifier switch, shelves, counter) is placed at a convenient height, so our guests can easily reach them. There is no furniture underneath the kitchen counter, to enable our guests to comfortably cook from their wheel-chair.

In the living- room of the Colonists cottage you will find a stone-made fireplace and a grill, placed at a comfortable height for our guests to use without difficulty.
Within a forest and mountain environment, our guests can enjoy a magnificent park and an open-air barbecue area. There is a wide wooden table made from coihue, an authoctonous tree, around which they can share unforgettable warm summer evenings with family and friends! They can also roast wonderful “asados” (barbecues) there, while children enjoy playing in the tree-house where the playground is! These areas are flat and wide surfaces where our guests can safely circulate on their wheel-chair.

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Insurance: We advise our guests to get a Personal Insurance to cover any eventuality.
Although the activities are planned in a frame of security, if a guest takes unnecessary risks, he will have to assume the consequences. Patagonia Sin Fronteras is not responsible for accidents or unexpected events.

Cottage Services

  • Cleaning Service.
  • Bed sheets, blankets and towels.
  • WI-FI (Internet from guests lap-tops).
  • Tourist information and recommendation about excursions, activities, adventure, restaurants, etc.
  • TV cable.
  • IIndividual Front Door Parking.
  • English and French languages spoken.

    Cottages´ Equipment
  • Barbecue facilities (grill, garden table).
  • Playground games.
  • Fireplace and ploughing disk (for cooking).(Only in the Colonists Cottage)
  • Alarm (activated by movement sensors).
  • Caldron to provide unlimited provision of hot water.
  • Radiant floor heating system which ensures same temperature in every room.
  • Fridge, microwave, cook and oven, air purifier.
  • LED 32¨
  • Six-jet hydro-massage bath-tub.(Only in the Colonists Cottage)
  • Hair dryer.

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