Weather in Bariloche

Every day is great to be outdoors! Weather changes in Patagonia are amazing… Behold the whiteness of snow and its incredible sound of absolute silence; the grey and white landscapes which give way to the glowing sun, bringing vivid and contrasting colours to the day…

All seasons are equally enjoyable in Patagonia! Patagonia sin Fronteras is visited throughout the year! Weather conditions should never be an obstacle to enjoy vacations and adventure. That´s the way Nature is! Unpredictable! And that's the way we need to understand it and enjoy it! Willingly adapting ourselves…

The time of rains and ochre colours is around May. The time of winds is November.

Witness the winter snow combined with dazzling sun from June to September! And the intense colourful landscapes of blooming flowers which appear at the end of September, together with flowing streams all over!

Summer is the best season to enjoy the beach, barbecues by the lakes and mountain sports (mountain bikes, trekking, climbing, horse riding, kayaks, rafting, fishing, fly casting etc). It is also time to discover what snow has hidden and forbidden during the winter.

Temperature in Nahuel Huapi National Park:
The lowest temperatures are registered during the winter, between June and late August. Sometimes they reach -20ºC (4 ºF). However, the average temperature in winter does not go below -10ºC (14ºF).
In Summer (December to March), you may have a maximum of 32ºC (89.6ºF)! However, the average is around 22ºC (71ºF).

The Rain in Nahuel Huapi National Park
In the Andes, it rains over 4000mm(1587inches) a year. This is why you will find the Valdivian Jungle here.
Twenty kilometers (12 miles) away from the highest mountains, where the Valdivian Jungle is, it rains 1200mm (47 inches) a year. Thanks to the rain, we have these magnificent Andean Patagonian forests, where Patagonia sin Fronteras is located.
And 40 km (24 miles) eastward the Cordillera, you will surprisingly find the Patagonian Steppes. It is a very dry region where it only rains 400mm a year. You can only find scattered bushes hosted in a very windy and semi-deserted area.

Clothing: We recommend the use of warm raincoats, comfortable pants and long underwear. In winter (June, July, August), it is advisable to wear thermal or ski pants. (You can rent these clothes in Bariloche). Waterproof, rubber-sole and warm shoeing is recommended. Leather or waterproof gloves, scarf, woollen hats and socks. Do not forget sun- screen and sunglasses, for the sun is very strong. Inside the cottages the temperature is warm, so comfortable clothes are the best.

Patagonia sin Fronteras cottages
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