Colonos cottage - Patagonia sin Fronteras

Cabaña Colonos, Bariloche: intimidad y exclusividad en medio del bosque

It is the biggest cottage in the Complex (90 m2 / 670 sq ft). Designed to host up to 8 visitors. It has been purposely built separated from the other two Explorers Cottages, for guests who prefer privacy and exclusivity. We have decorated it with articles used by the old colonists of this Patagonian region (snow rackets, an antique barrel, an old sledge).

Cabaña Colonos, Patagonia sin Fronteras

There are three beautiful and spacious bedrooms: two on the ground floor and one on the first floor. The bathroom is quite big and comfortable, one can enjoy a long and hot immersion-bath in the hydro massage-tub. Wide windows in all rooms (including the bathroom) allow you to appreciate the wonder of the forest. There is an attractive stone-made fireplace in the living room, nicely decorated with elements from nature.

Cabaņa Colonos, Bariloche

The cottage is equipped with a Caldron and radiators in every room. This system ensures an even temperature in every room and unlimited provision of hot water.

Cottage Service:
  • Cleaning Service.
  • Bed sheets, blankets and towels.
  • WI-FI (Internet from guests lap-tops).
  • Tourist information and recommendation about excursions, activities, adventure, restaurants, etc.
  • TV cable.
  • Individual Front Door Parking.
  • English and French languages spoken.
Cottages´ Equipment:
  • Barbecue facilities (grill, garden table).
  • Playground games.
  • Fireplace and ploughing disk (for cooking).(Only in the Colonists Cottage)
  • Alarm (activated by movement sensors).
  • Caldron to provide unlimited provision of hot water.
  • Radiant floor heating system which ensures same temperature in every room.
  • Fridge, microwave, cook and oven, air purifier.
  • LED 32¨
  • Six-jet hydro-massage bath-tub.(Only in the Colonists Cottage)
  • Hair drye


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