Patagonia sin Fronteras mountain cottages

Welcome to Patagonia sin Fronteras!

Our cabins maintain the style typical of the Rébora family. Things made at home, with care and attention to detail, with love and respect for our land, which we wish to share with you. The coziness, the simplicity and the love for what we do is at each corner of the cabins and the lawn, working to make them more and more beautiful everyday, so that you can make the most of it, enjoying your stay and contact with authentic nature to the fullest...

Martín Rébora:
Born in 1967. National P.E. Teacher. Helmsman. Rafting guide. Lover of mountain sports and photography.
Rugby enthusiast

Maria Lorena de Rébora: Born in 1969. Psychologist. She loves languages and communication with people from all over the world. She speaks English and French. She enjoys family outings in the wild and picnics on the beach in the summer.

Natalia Belén Rébora: Born in 1992. Her two passions are studying and sports. They generate adrenaline. She is very smart, self-assured and determined. She enjoys rock-climbing, hiking and camping at mountain shelters with friends in the summer and free-ski and free-style in the winter. She knows Mount Catedral like the back of her own hand. She is an authentic mountaineer. At present, she is in 2nd year at Odontology College in the University of La Plata.

Juan Martín Rébora: Born in 1997. Our only son. He is in 2nd year at Colegio Don Bosco. He is very helpful, funny and kind. He enjoys climbing and hiking in the mountain. He is part of a group of youths at Escuela Municipal de Montaña. In the winter, he loves skiing. He practices free-style and free-ride.
He plays rugby at Club Los Pehuenes. He is a fan of Los Pumas!

Sofía Constanza Rébora: Born in 2005. She is 7 years old now. She is in 2nd grade at Colegio Don Bosco. She is very cheerful, feminine and affectionate. She also attends the mountain school in the summer and is learning to climb. They go on hiking tours, camping and learn everything about the wilderness. She practices artistic gym and ski in the winter. She likes swimming, dancing and playing with her sister Agus. She also pampers our kitty: Simón

Agustina Limay Rébora. Born in April, 2010. She is a little piece of sunshine, full of joy and always in a good mood. She is very independent. She likes playing in the lawn and comes back all covered in dirt. She is always following Sofía. She is very affectionate and is always doing crazy things. She climbs everywhere! Sometimes that costs her a bump in the head. She loves singing and dancing! And going for a ride in our car! And she says: “look at the water!” (referring to the lake). She is the one who knows Nature best because she is the one that lives closest to it, with her spontaneity and simplicity...

Patagonia sin Fronteras cottages
Bosquelindo 650 - San Carlos de Bariloche
Patagonia Argentina
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