Bariloche,Patagonia Sin Fronteras cottages
Patagonia sin Fronteras, cabañas de montaña

Patagonia sin Fronteras is the roughness, the noble, a return to the origin of things, to the primitive and the wild, when aboriginals built their shelter with their own hands and elements from Nature. To the times when they hunted for food and interacted with Nature, respecting it as if it were a Divinity…and taking its advice.
Patagonia sin Fronteras cottages

Patagonia sin Fronteras is the magic and spirit of the mountain…It combines wild nature of Cordillera de los Andes and the spirit of adventure, with the cozyness of stone and tree- trunk cottages, exclusively designed for our guests to enjoy Nature to the most.

The most important is the simplest: it is understanding Nature, as it surprises us every day, and performs its will on us. It invites us to integrate as one of its elements…to discover its mysteries, rhythms, colours and flavours, its scents…A new and unknown world, far from the city, is about to be opened, and awakes us…


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Patagonia sin Fronteras cottages
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