Patagonia sin Fronteras mountain cottages

Mountain cabinsPatagonia sin Fronteras is situated in the Argentinian Patagonia, a magical region filled with the essence of Indian civilizations (Mapuches and Tehuelches), who dwelt in these lands since unmemorable times.
It was not until last century, that these lands were populated by Welsh, Swiss, German and other pioneers. They discovered the inmense beauty of these lakes and mountains, these ancient forests, emerald-water streams and rivers, amazing cascades and sunny valleys, where strawberries and blueberries grow nowadays!
Patagonia, a region of dry weather, ancient rocks and eternal ice…
Bariloche lodging Here everything is kept untouched, waiting since the beginning of times for the arrival of visitors. Here, we respect silence, and we look after this majestic scenario created by God. Nothing must be moved or taken from where nature placed it.

Patagonia sin Fronteras cottages
Bosquelindo 650 - San Carlos de Bariloche
Patagonia Argentina
Tel.: (0294) 452-5314
(0294) 15-4339500

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